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Note:  Most calls from (876)-476 originate in Kingston, which is located in county, in JM. If you still don't have enough data about the unknown caller, you can review the comments below, or use the search bar above to perform a premium lookup.

876 Top Reported Numbers:

IThey call me all the time, it's quite annoying. One keeps calling me sweetheart and then proceeds to tell me I won. So today the husband played along with him. He told him we can only get our mail delivered to our house using pigeons and smoke signals. we asked where he was calling from, he said the US (but I doubt it) and the he was from an online site called international winners or something. He said his phone number was 33557799 haha <br><br>You all should just keep them talking and asking them as many questions as you can, including them what they had for breakfast. They get just as annoyed as we do.September 29th

Person with heavy accent called me twice saying he had a special prize being delivered to my house, but couldn't tell me what my address was nor tell me my name despite my asking. When he asked for my name, I gave him a bogus name and he said it matches what he had on his prize list. I knew from the beginning this guy was a scammer. I don't know how he got my number.September 16th

Man I must be "luckier" than most of you - I won $8.5 million and a mercedes! Love how my name was "selected" but they didn't know what it is. Ha.September 13th

Received a call from a man who told me I had to call this number and they would arrange my PCH prize delivery. So I called them. Knew when he didn't know my name it was a scam. I then proceeded to call him back every 10 min. I filled his mail-box on his voice mail. Then switched to my cell phone. They have now blocked both my phones. Tomorrow I get a track phone and start over. Please call this number day and night lets wear this guys ass out.September 9th

Mr Washington with the "Publishers Clearing House" greeted me very politely, asking if I was familiar with the company. Then got happy to inform me of my winnings of $2.5million and a 2013 Mercedes Benz. I asked for the model of the car, "surprisingly" he had no idea. He spoke 1 question at a time, then paused and a answer machine beep would sound in the background. This is another Kingston based number scam do not waster your time.September 4th

Kept calling me day/night told me to send him $1500 to pay tax for a 1 mil winning number from PCH. <br>I told him why don't you deduct that amount from my winning amount and UPS/FedEx the rest.August 17th

Lady named Rachel called from PCH (supposedly!) saying I was 2nd place winner for August and wanted me to "verify delivery" to another number then call her back. Couldn't even tell me who she was calling for, so I knew it was a scam. After reading these posts, hopefully no one gets hooked by these swindlers!!August 16th

Stated off with I won millionsAugust 16th

Very interesting, I got my call yesterday also. $1.5 million. Mr ROBERTS from PCH. I knew he was a fake. I could hear kids in the background and cars driving by. I told him to put the check in the mailbox. He said it is too big to fit. I asked him how much this would cost ME? $1000!!! I heard about this scam recently on tv. Told him all I have is cash and he is full of shit. I hung up. He never came by for the cash. He called me five times until I mentioned cash. They want you to give them a check.August 16th

Guy with Jamaican accent claiming to be Robert something or another from Publisher's Clearing House and I have won. When I told him he should shove his phone scam into one of his holes, he hung up. Reported the number to the FBI, but probably not much going to happen with that, just beware this is a SCAM.August 16th

A bot service saying they are James Bond and inquiring about a product ordered which is a lie....total spam!August 14th

Got a phone call from Jamaica saying they were calling from PCH and said I won $855,000 and would I be home today to receive it. After questioning him he said let me let you speak to my boss. When I questioned the boss about how this all came about he said I won 2nd place from their company AMC(Americas Money Corporation)for paying my utility bills on time. I asked what utility bills? The bills he mentioned don't get paid on time and their in my husbands name, so I knew it was bull. I asked if he could mail it and he said that UPS would deliver it. I asked him what my name was and he immediately hung up. Do not fool with these people!August 10th

called and said he was from PCH and that I had won something. I politely declined and hung up. I don't know how they get names and cell numbers, I find that a little disconcerting.....August 9th

Scam, Scam, Scam! "David" said I won $500,000 plus a new car. I was to buy a green dot card from Walmart and use it as a claim ticket for my winnings which were on the way via courier. Kept calling and harassing me and said if I didn't pay he would need to get the FBI involved. I told him I would appreciate a call from the FBI. Mean people suck!August 8th

I received call from (876)368-2866 from a guy named John, who says he's with UPS of Gallup, NM. John then informs me that I had a package package is for owner of this phone number he's calling. He want me to confirm phone number and ask how to my name is pronounce. He want a confirmation my address. <br>I respond, if he is with UPS of Gallup. Then the package mailing label should have my information on it.<br>He hung up on meAugust 7th

A man called saying his name was Mike Henry and that I won 3.5 million dollars, a cadillac and a plazma. Hi Instructed me to go to a CVS or Walmart to purchase a 'green dot money back scratch card' for $250.00. I was to call the Bank of America to give the numbers off the back of this card where they would then give me a check. He then gave me a Package #, batch #, vault # and when UPS got to my house I had to show my drivers license. After keeping him on the phone for a little while I informed him by telling him that I taped the phone conversation and was going to report this. I also called him a few choice words. :)August 6th

called said he was with pch and i won a car and said call his boss at 8763132388August 5th

I entered the PCH to see if i had any luck winning because i recently lost my house. Maybe a few weeks later i started getting calls from this # from a person named David Kennedy with a very strong accent & i couldnt understand half of what he would say besides him telling that i've won $10,000 but in order for me to claim my prize i had to pay the 2% of taxes. At first i did thought wow, could this be true (because i just lost my house)but the guy kept insisting i go to Walmart & fill out some type of form where i had to send the money, he first started with $500 then lowered it to $250, he calls everyday & one time he even called me at 5:40 AM!!??? Good thing i found this website with all these comments, if he calls me again i will sure let him know how i feel about him calling again.August 4th

This guy is a total scammer, claims he works for publishers clearing house, trys to get innocent elderly people to give up their money so they can.....claim their prize, total loser, do not answer his calls.August 1st

Caller (who didn't speak very good English) said he was from Publisher's Clearing House and I won 3rd prize cash and a car, yahoo, what a scam. I don't participate in stuff like that.July 29th

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