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Note:  Most calls from (815)-926 originate in Wilmington, which is located in Will county, in IL. If you still don't have enough data about the unknown caller, you can review the comments below, or use the search bar above to perform a premium lookup.

815 Top Reported Numbers:

Mutual Management Services, Rockford IL. Debt Collector<br><br>After several weeks/months of having this number call leaving no message REPEATEDLY, several times a day, EVERY day, I finally decided to answer a call to have them remove my number. I was greeted by a phonebot "please hold while we access your records...". When "Sharon" came on the line she refused to identify the reason for the call, I asked for a supervisor, was put on hold for several minutes then disconnected. I called back four times before I was connected to "Cherise" and demanded my number be removed for a very lengthy and harassing 12 TIMES before she disconnected the call. They refused to identify the nature of the call, I refused to give any personal info it was a no win. We'll see if they actually remove my number or not. <br><br>I had to investigate on my own to figure out who it was and I do NOT have any outstanding debt.September 10th

Repeated calls, no one there. callback yields constant busy signalAugust 20th

sent same message over and over againAugust 14th

Repeated calls to me, noone on the line when I answer.June 19th

Sent me a text stating that my google profile had been hacked and to reply to the message with SENDNOW when I'm able to reactivate my profile. Not gonna happen!June 16th

continual picture messages but no picture and not messageOctober 17th

repeat calls all day. No one there.March 12th

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