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Note:  Most calls from (202)-994 originate in Washington, which is located in District of columbia county, in DC. If you still don't have enough data about the unknown caller, you can review the comments below, or use the search bar above to perform a premium lookup.

202 Top Reported Numbers:

This number called my cell phone. did not answer,,,angry for such invasionsSeptember 19th

caller said law suit pending for cash received from US advance. must settle or appear in court in Washington DCSeptember 9th

SCAM!! They call to say you have won a government grant of $7000. The (Indian) guy on the phone was very hard to understand, but he talked about calling back this number with a code and then going to Walmart or MoneyGram. I never called back and neither should you. They want you to pay $200 to get the grant( which is never coming of course).August 6th

these people are scams tell you your picked to get a grant of $8,000 but you have to pay $200 dont let them win their number is 202-470-3539July 19th

I received a call from "Unknown Caller, 202-454-9999" on June 17, 2013, 9:23 a.m., PT. Area code 202 is Washington, D.C. A recording stated something about how often the "senior population" falls and that a "new program" was in place to "keep seniors safe." Blah, blah, blah, something about a "free medical" something or other, then it cut off with no warning. I called back to tell them to take me off their call list however, there was no answer, even after it rang at least 20 times. It eventually cut me off automatically. My assumption is that it's a scammer who is, frankly, not very good at scamming. But they're certainly experts when it comes to annoying the hell out of people.June 17th

I had received a call from these idiots ("The US Department of Currency") a couple days ago & just chit-chatted with the Indian guy for 21 minutes. When I asked (nicely) to be put on their DNC list, the guy started cussing at me & told me he would "call me back every day!" June 15 (today) I got another call from the same number (a different Indian guy), so I decided to burn up as much time as I could while giving him absolutely no information whatsoever. It seems they're not allowed to hang up until the customer does, because I was able to spend 31 minutes on the phone with the guy this time. Again, I was cussed out profusely when I asked to be put on the DNC. I guess he was hoping I'd hang up. I kept asking him how much he got paid an hour and he finally responded "many Lakhs!" (which refers to units of currency used in India & Pakistan), though he said he was calling from Washington DC. When asked to speak to a supervisor, he claimed to be one. He asked why was I laughing, and I replied "Because you're doing such a terrible job at this!"June 15th

This is the second time i got scammed form these ppl well once anyway. They just called me back and I went through the process and once they told me I had to pay 200 just to make sure they are sending the money to the correct account i told them that they took my money last time and i never got a grant and that the feds were on the other line and they called me a loser and hung up the phone..June 4th

I got a call from them a little while ago today, of them saying the same thing to me about a Government grant for 8500 dollars. They wanted my bank account or a credit card they could transfer money to. Then I had to call this number 202-738-1715 and give some kind of verification number...Finally at the end of it they told me I had to pay a one time fee and go to Walmart or somewhere and get a money order for 200 something dollars, and then in 45 minuted the money would be on my card...Mind you like a hopeful idiot I gave them the card info, but not the pin number. The card is in my husbands name that is a Prepaid debit card and at the moment no money is on the card. This card was issued to us by our tax company a few years ago. Now we are worried that they might be able to get husbands info and steal his identity...Not sure what to do now...Who to call if there is even anyone we could call. I want to know who they really are. I doubt they are who they are saying they are. My guess is they are trying to scam people. Because if they wanted me to wire money to them. Obviously I wouldnt have gotten the money they said I was going to get. Never heard of being qualified for a Gov. Grant and having to pay anything for it before you get it. And since they didnt tell me until the end of the conversation before I told them to go to hell...They already got the card info, but no pin number...SO yea, would like to know if anyone else is having this issue, and what they know about it and how to deal with it.<br><br>ThanksMay 17th

Talk to them when they call. if they are doing a survey - unfortunately it is legal. Never give your name, phone# CC info, address or anything. Advise them you intend to report them to the FCC if they have a prerecorded message (which is totally illegal, even if they are doing a survey). Hanging up on you is an annoyance call and is also illegal. The FCC will listen to you and will act upon your complaint. Hang up calls is all the more reason to report them to FCC. Tell them to stop calling you when you answer the phone If they continue to call - REPORT TO THE FCC BY FILING A COMPLAINT, WHICH YOU MUST FILL OUT THE FORM ONLINE, by going to:: fcc.gov/complaints. Believe me it works, I've done it many times. I don't have the time to do it, as it's time consuming & I'm busy too,yet I'm so willing to help the system work - I'm on a crusade to nail these fools. Thus I do take time to complete the complaint forms when I get these calls.. Again, it's unfortunate, but surveys, church groups, political calls & legitimate charity organizations are legal. Find out whose calling you, get their name and company name, then contact the FCC & fill out complaint form online. You can also talk w/FCC (a live person) by calling 888-225-5322 - be patient & you'll eventually get a live person to talk with who will help answer your questions. Take the time to do it so we can get these annoyance calls stopped. Again, remember to never give info to anyone--nine times out of 10 these calls are predators looking to rob you. If the public would get SAVVY, perhaps these low-life individuals/scammers would give up and get a real job. Protect your rights and report it.<br>Caller: 202-350-0831<br>Caller: Unknown 202-350-0831May 2nd

This person sent me a text trying to invite my child (by name) to a birthday party.April 4th

someone from DC that wants you to do a survey for the election. keeps calling, and is very annoying.November 5th

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